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The line of John Busby, born Northumberland, England

I have been interested in researching the family history of James Busby of the New Zealand Treaty of Waitangi, and the person accredited with having taken winegrowing to Australia and to New Zealand, and his father, John Busby, the engineer who was responsible for creating the Busby Bore in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, the Busby Bore having apparently been a significant water supply for Sydney, for at least 50 years.

My interest in that Busby line, arose as one of my ancestors had claimed that we were related to James Busby, although no definite evidence has been found, to support that claim.

Some information about that Busby line, as supplied to me by Annette Piper, a local historian who has done some research about Cassilis in New South Wales, is at JohnBusbyFamily . I have slightly reformatted the genealogy part of that document, but have not altered the content, Annette also provided me with photographs of Harold and Alexander Busby, which are at HaroldAndAlexanderBusby , and photographs of John and George Busby, which are at JohnAndGeorgeBusby .

A web page including an article about John Busby, from the Project Gutenberg, is at JohnBusbyGutenberg

Information that I have found, about the James Busby of the Treaty of Waitangi of New Zealand, is at James Busby .

I intend to add more information to this web site, about that Busby line, from time to time.

I can be contacted by email at Bret

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