The Busby Crest

The Busby Crest is shown to the left.

The motto as included in the Busby Crest, "fructu non filiis", is translated from Latin to English, to mean "By the fruit, not by the foliage".

In searching the Internet for the motto, I have found different contexts for the phrase.

The first, and the one that is closest, but not the motto verbatim, is the excerpt apparently from Phaedrus (one of the dialogues of Plato); "Fructu non foliis arborem aestima - judge a tree by its fruit not by its leaves". What makes that excerpt particularly interesting here, is that, many years before I was aware of the phrase being included in Plato's Phaedrus, I had read with interest, Plato's dialogue, Phaedrus, having found reference to it, in a book of philosophy that I read many years ago - "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", by Robert M Pirsig.

The second context, is "fructu non foliis pomorum quisque cibatur et sensus to anteferendus erit - By the fruit, not by the sheets of the fruit tree everyone nourishes itself.", from a verse in Abelard's "Carmen ad Astralabium".

Now, whatever context a person uses to place the motto, the meaning remains the same; "By the fruit, not the foliage", meaning that what counts, is actions, not appearances, or, at least, that is my interpretation.

The inclusion of the stag's head, which is the head directly under the name Busby, on the Crest, and the three arrows, have a particular significance to my family, with my father and his brother having been deerstalkers, and my father having been a founding member of the archery club that was local to where I was raised, and these things having happened decades before my father and his brother were aware of the Busby Crest and what it contains.

If anyone can find how and why the motto was chosen for the Busby Crest, or why the symbols such as the stag's head, the three stars, and the three arrows, were included in the Busby Crest, I would appreciate being advised.

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