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I have a web page about the Busby Crest, at Busby Crest .



I use the GRAMPS software package for my genealogy records. GRAMPS is a free, open source genealogy psoftware package, that runs on Linux. I use a version of Linux, as the operating system that I use; UbuntuMATE Linux. GRAMPS also apparently can be installed and run on Microsoft Windows and on Apple Mac OS X, and so, may be the only genealogy software package that is cross-platform - that runs on all of these operating systems. GRAMPS has a web site at .

I had, years ago, used Legacy Family Tree software, but Legacy does not run natively on Linux, so I stopped using it.

The following reports were generated using GRAMPS v0.8.1-1, unless otherwise stated, and were modified to date the reports, and to insert <TITLE> tags and Keyword Meta Tags (to assist searching for the names), using a text editor.

Report web pages

I am still in the process of researching my genealogy, or family history; it is an ongoing thing, which is never complete.

Some of the information that I have so far, is at the following web pages. I have tried to ensure that no living relatives can be identified from the information. Most of the information that I have, has been provided to me, by numerous relatives who have also been researching the genealogy.

My Busby lineage , from my grandfather Norman Cecil Busby, is at Norman . My great-great-grandfather of my Busby lineage, is Michael Horton Busby. He is as far back as I have been able to go, in my Busby line. Two generations of his descendants are listed at Michael Horton Busby Descendants Report .

A more expanded, and, updated, version of the descendants report of Michael Horton Busby, now including three generations of his descendants, prepared with GRAMPS v4.2.0-30, is at Michael Horton Busby Descendants Report - 3 generations of descendants version 20160318-01 . That report is slightly edited by me, using gedit, to refine the report.

My other three grandparents are Constance Marion Morten, Thomas Stanley Howe, and Daisy Rayner Lander Benallack. The lineage of Constance Marion Morten, is at Constance Marion Morten . The lineage of Thomas Stanley Howe is at Thomas Stanley Howe . The lineage of Daisy Rayner Lander Benallack, is at Daisy Rayner Lander Benallack .

I have also been interested in researching the family history of James Busby of the New Zealand Treaty of Waitangi, and his father, John Busby from Northumberland, that John Busby being the engineer responsible for the Busby Bore, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. My web site about that Busby line, is at JohnBusbyFamily .

I have created a web page with discussion about possible links between different known Busby lines. The web page is at possible links between lines .

Busby family lines with the middle name of Horton

In my research, because of the prospects relating to the involvement of the middle name of "Horton", in the family lines, in that I believe that the presence of that middle name, in family lines not yet proved to be linked, are likely, linked, I have included reference to other family lines that involve the use of the middle name of "Horton", for which family lines, I seek more information.

The following reports were generated using GRAMPS v4.2.0-30, and were modified to date the reports, and to insert Keyword Meta Tags (to assist searching for the names), and other refinements, using a text editor.

What information I have been able to find, about Mabel Frances Horton Busby, is at Mabel .

That information is mostly sourced from , apart from the vocational qualifications and occupations that I have included, that were found in a published copy of an obituary for Frank Rutledge Louat, and I have not verified any of the information. I have sent a message to the Rawsthorne web site administration, and, am awaiting a response.

What information I have been able to find, about the line of Thomas and Sarah Busby, which includes Joseph Horton Busby, Henry Horton Busby, Harry Alfred Hazel Horton Busby, Gertrude Florence Busby, Victor Albert William Busby, and Charles Leonard Reginald Spencer Busby, is at Thomas and Sarah .

That information has been found by my searching on the World Wide Web, and, collating the results, and I have not verified the information.

Busby name genetic genealogy Y-DNA project

I believe that these various Busby family lines, mentioned on this web page, and, other Busby family lines not mentioned here, and, families with names similar to Busby, are good reason for males with the family name, to join the Busby name genetic genealogy Y-DNA project, and undergo the Y-DNA testing, to try to find possible links between the various family lines, and, people who have Busby (or similar family name) family connections, could be interested in joining the project, and, undertaking the Family Finder test, if they are not males with the family name Busby (and, even if they are males with the family name Busby - I have taken both the Y-DNA test, and, the Famliy Finder test). More information about that genetic genealogy project, is on the Busby Genealogy web site, mentioned below.

Busby genealogy web site

I administer various genealogical resources, relating to the Busby family name.

One of them, is a Busby genealogy web site, which mentions and links to other Busby name genealogical resources, and that web site is at .

I can be contacted by email at Bret

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